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Topics Date
CISD Fails Credibility Rating by Alden Nellis 2010-08-03
Info that Beard is in San Antonio Signing Contract Today, July 28 2010-07-28
Info that Beard Resigned Today 2010-07-27
Beard is Using Cleburne ISD as Stepping Stone 2010-07-26
Info that Superintendent Ronny Beard is Leaving 2010-07-24
The Unknown Fate of Irving School by Alden Nellis 2010-07-23
Is CISD Short on Funds or Common Sense? by Harold Gentry 2010-04-15
Hear Stu Madison Verbally Attack Alden Nellis at School Board Meeting January 11 2010-01-15
No Way to Treat Kids and Taxpayers 2009-09-30
Third Address to School Board on Single Member Districts 2009-09-14
Tell CISD "No New Bond" by Alden Nellis 2009-09-14
CISD’s Strategic Plan Against the Taxpayers by Harold Gentry 2009-09-13
What Alden Nellis Really Thinks
(as in NOT interpreted by Stu Madison)

Is CISD a 21st Century Secret Society?

Audit Finds $49,000 That May Have to Be Repaid by Harold Gentry

Nellis Address to School Board on Single Member Districts 2009-08-12
Cleburne Times-Review Reporter Pete Kendall Found Guilty of Disorderly Conduct,
Fined for Verbal Attack on Alden Nellis at Cleburne ISD Administrative Offices
CISD’s Belt Tightening or Spending Spree? by Harold Gentry 2009-07-05
Federal Auditors Say CISD Controls Good Enough to Apply for Stimulus Funds 2009-06-10
Hiring a Geologist is a Waste of Taxpayer Dollars by Alden Nellis 2009-06-10
Putting the Superintendent's Salary in Perspective - Fact versus Hype by Harold Gentry 2009-06-08
Shame on the Cleburne Times-Review by Alden Nellis 2009-05-19
Family Affairs at Cleburne ISD by Micki Nellis 2009-05-19
Thoughts on the School Board Election by Micki Nellis 2009-05-12
Cleburne ISD and Board Kept Mike Bailey 's Resignation Quiet for Six Weeks 2009-04-16
Mike Bailey Quietly Resigns from Cleburne ISD 2009-04-13
The Highway to Hell Extravaganza (Highway 121) by Harold Gentry 2009-04-03
Financial Woes Still Plague CISD - School Board Just Can't Get a Grip 2009-03-25
East Cleburne Community Center Grant Funds Diverted by City 2009-03-19
Audit of Cleburne ISD for 2007-2008 Shows Severe Problems 2009-02-28
Concerned Parents Clash with Cleburne School Board over Required Reading they call Pornographic 2009-02-15
Pete, You Do Need Help 2009-01-25
Bad Signs from Cleburne ISD 2009-01-21
Interview with Gentry and Nellis on Cleburne ISD 2009-1-14

Cleburne ISD Named One of Worst 10 for Federal Waste

Tour the Adolphus Rooms the CISD Board and Spouses Occupied 2008-11-19
The Price of a Room for CISD by Harold Gentry 2008-11-19
Bad News from Cleburne ISD 2008-11-07
Complete Cleburne ISD Salary Report as of 11/05/2008 2008-11-07
Let's Be Real About Appraisals 2008-08-20
Personnel Hired, Duties Shifted 2008-07-28
The High Cost of Fixing CISD's Problems 2008-07-27
TEA Says Pay within 30 Days - Lancaster ISD Gets Conservator 2008-07-25
Star-Telegram Editorial - Let's Hear it for John Q. Public 2008-07-24
CISD Sat on a Wall - by Harold Gentry 2008-07-20
TEA Final Report is Rough on CISD 2008-07-14
TEA Final Report Is Out 2008-07-11
What's Happening with CISD Personnel? 2008-07-09
Proposal for a Permanent Fund from Gas Revenues 2008-06-20
CISD Financials Posted Sept 2007 thru May 2008 2008-06-20
What CISD Must Do to Restore Confidence 2008-06-17
Most CISD TAKS Scores Below Average 2007-06-17
Dr. Sharron Miles Resigns from CISD 2008-06-07
The Guts of CISD's Response to TEA 2008-05-21
Election Results 2008 2008-05-12
What Has Changed at CISD, and What Hasn't Changed 2008-05-07
Terrorist Loose in Cleburne
Do You Recognize this Handwriting?
Q & A Cleburne ISD Investigation - Access Cleburne members answer questions 2008-04-18
Archive Files
School Accounting Files 2008-07-14